"Metalo forma" PJSC was found in 2001. Started its operation with medalproduction. The following are currently produced:

Rewards, regalia

Thehighest awards, orders, medals, and miniatures are being produced... Nationalawards are bestowed to citizens of Lithuania or foreign countries who didsomething great to Lithuania.

Our company has won the tender announced by the Presidential palace of the Republicof Lithuania to make the following national awards:

  • "Order for Merits to Lithuania" (Ist to Vth class);
  • "Medal for Merits to Lithuania";
  • "Medal of 13 January";
  • "Life Saving Cross".

The"Order for Merits to Lithuania" (of five classes) was established in2002 after the Presidential palace of the Republic of Lithuania announced atender on the design of the order. Painters who work in our company activelyparticipated in this project, this way several test samples were created.Heraldic commission under the President of the Republic of Lithuania hasrecognised the reference created by our company as the best and fit forproduction. More information at http://www.lrp.lt.

Ourcompany made and order for the ministry of foreign affairs (hereinafter – theMFA) "Millennium star of Lithuania", that was created by MFA tocommemorate the millennium of Lithuania for merits while praising the name ofLithuania. We are currently making an honorary badge "Star of Lithuaniandiplomacy".

Youcan order with us the miniatures of the "Order for Merits toLithuania" (Ist to Vth class), miniature of theMedal of 13 January, or miniature of the Life Saving Cross by presenting thepresidential award decree.

Nominal gifts, business gifts, honorary badges,prizes, cups for special occasions, advertising material;

Medals, plaques:

  • Medals and plaques are made for the commemoration of a certain date: birthday, anniversary, graduation, or for a celebrity.
  • Medals or plaques can be: stamped or cast; of various sizes; from various non-ferrous metals: brass, steel, copper, melchior, tombac, silver, gold; one sided and two sided. Medals can be coated (galvanized) with: nickel, silver, or gold. Surface of medals can be matte, polished, with texture, darkened, or enamelled. Medals and plaques can be packed into leather, faux leather, or plastic boxes according to the desires of the customer.

Sculpture, small plastic from silver, bronze, andamber:

Small plastic – art work - original gift, souvenir, interior decoration.

Sculptureof small plastic can be made of silver or bronze. Combined with amber andnatural stone. Mounted on the marble or granite base. We are making specialleather or faux leather box for each sculpture.

Works of graphics

We arepresenting a series of graphic drawings GDL castlesin the historical context.


Archive material

In ourworks we try to rely on the surviving ancient engravings and lytographies. Allextensive archive material about the territory of Vilnius castles was providedby dear N. Kitkauskas; about Trakai island and peninsula, and Medininkai –Trakai historical museum. Archeologist A. Žalnierius shared the material thathe collected about Kaunas castles.

Research work

Imagesare created by studying the material of an archeological research, as well asdrawings of buildings and castles. Works of the Vilnius castles' theme werecreated under a consultations of architect-historian Napaleonas Kitkauskas.Other works were created based on the retrospective reconstructions of: S.Lasavickas, S. Mikulionis, A. Žalnierius. With the help of the internet access,the newest information of the Belarus (Navahrudak, Lida, Kreva) and Ukrainearcheologists were used.

Drawing process

Final image

Infront of us we see incredible layers of historical times that we had not seenbefore. When looking at these works, twofold feeling occurs – something likepride intertwined with nostalgia. This is not by accident, because these imagesare encoded in our self-consciousness. By presenting these works we can proudlypresent our country.

Insection OUR WORKS you will findhistorical paintings with descriptions, framing options and details...

Relief graphics – paintings, souvenirs, postcards, invitations,tourist souvenirs with details of Lithuania/city.

Exceptional,original business gift, souvenir to a friend, colleague, business partner, or aforeign town guest - embossed products: pictures, souvenirs, post cards, andinvitations.

We can make works of relief graphics according to individual orders, these couldreflect various images: coat of arms of municipality or state institution,trade mark (logo) or symbol, building or slogan of a company, various randomthematics.

We are printing ourselves with the highest quality offset printing on Fine Art paper or cloth, we frame,select a mat of suitable colour, profile and glass. It allows to make a limitedseries of works quickly and expeditiously.

Speciallyfor You we can make an image from the available images with the addition of thename or trade mark (logo) of Your company.

Allarchitectural ensembles that are depicted in the images match the scale inreality. Sculpture elements are also made very accurately and in a very preciseway with the use of an engraving technique.

"Metaloforma" PJSC is manufacturing high quality products according to theindividual projects.